Create Test

Through our easy-to-use test platform before conducting any exam, be it an academic exam-oriented test or an interview conducted by fortune 500 companies, you can create tests as per your requirements.

Being populated

From Library

You can seamlessly create tests in one shot through our dynamic library, which features around 100,000+ pre-built questions.


You can create tests with your own questions and easily customize the tests per your requirements; even you can set a timer for a particular test per your standardized rules and regulations. An organization can also customize their exam or interview questions at any time as per their liking.

Add questions with texts and images

Through our easy-to-use test platform, you can easily create numerous MCQ questions with multiple-choice answers and even include a compiler for coding questions.


Our test platform is the best online proctoring platform through which you can easily detect fraudulent activities during a particular exam. Whether the exam is conducted by a corporate house or an academic institute, our AI-powered auto proctoring can catch the fraudulent activities a candidate performs.

Video Proctoring

Through the AI-powered video proctoring tool, the test platform can seamlessly check students’ video feeds and raise flags at the time of suspicious activity.

Audio Proctoring

At times, through our test platform, invigilators can look at any time and check students' audio feeds; if they find any additional human voice in the background, they can quickly raise flags and disqualify the candidature of a particular student.

Tab Switching

The test platform at the examination time remains full-screen and is designed to prevent candidates from switching the tab. At the same time, each tab switch sends a warning to the candidate. If the candidates continue this tab switching despite several warnings, the student automatically gets logged out after consecutive 5-tab switches.

Copy and Paste

The test setter can restrict copy and paste in the test window to avoid copying answers.


At the time of any test assessment, the institute that conducts such test can restrict or keep an eye on the IP addresses used by the candidate based on location. This feature is helpful during campus recruitment drives or invites a candidate to take the test from a specific location.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Through our dynamic and easy-to-use dashboards, an examiner or an interviewer can thoroughly evaluate the candidates and compare performance.

Detailed Test Report

It is the perfect test platform that enables you to judge the performance and merits of every candidate at various levels. Thus, the performance of every candidate is evaluated and published in a comprehensive test report.

Overall Percentage and Percentile

The overall percentage and percentile that a particular candidate secures enable a corporate organization or an academic institute to understand the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses at various levels.

Strength and Weakness

The comprehensive report that comes out once you finish your test reflects the weakness and strengths of a particular candidate who appeared for this examination.

Start and End Time

This platform allows you to customize the test according to your requirements and set the start and end times of each trial per your requirements.


Through this test platform, you can generate fraud reports if any candidate passes the test using unethical means and methods.

Credible and Automated Certificates

Once a candidate completes the test, it instantaneously generates credible and automated certificates.

Other Features

Set time limit
Section-wise and Question-wise

You can easily set up a time limit for all questions through our easy-to-use test platform. Even you can set up a timer on a section-wise basis.

Live monitoring of test

You can virtually invigilate and monitor any candidate’s test window while the test is on-going.

Message broadcast to test takers during a test

During a particular exam, the invigilator or the interviewer can easily broadcast messages through our test platform if there is any common announcement that needs to be done.

Private message to any test taker during a test

Invigilator can do a one-on-one chat with the candidate while the test is on-going.